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The latest on CBS' hit show ''Survivor''

It’s goodbye to the biochemist

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The latest on CBS’ hit show ”Survivor”

Maybe it was the tropical storm, which made everybody bicker over where the rain-soaked shelter ought to have been built. Or maybe it was that meal of roasted rodent that made the Pagong team so ticked off. Or perhaps it was the vomiting. In any event, the fourth installment of CBS’ ”Survivor” closed with the ejection of Ramona, the queasy biochemist who rallied in her final days but couldn’t overcome the scheming of her perkier teammates. Even so, the quick-to-spew scientist was gracious in defeat — unlike the snarky attorney Stacey, who last week used her final moments on Palau Tiga to point an accusing finger at Susan the truck driver, who’d sneakily voted against her. Who’ll be the next castaway to be voted off the island? Here’s a look at the contenders.

SEAN Susan groused about the doctor’s demented plan to build a bowling alley on the beach — an impractical project that he spent five hours completing. If it comes down to a contest between Sean and Rudy, the ex-Navy Seal, look for Richard the corporate trainer and the tribe’s two remaining women to follow through on a plan to blackball the doc.

COLLEEN So far, the petite Miami student has been getting along by offering few suggestions and not excelling — or messing up — in any of the critical challenges. Even so, she pulled in two negative votes: One from Gervase, and one from the doomed Ramona. A preview of next week’s episode shows Colleen darting off into the woods for sex with Greg — a relationship that could prove divisive in coming weeks.

JENNA Cheerleader pretty, and just as relentlessly energetic, the New Hampshire single mom ended up with a single cast-off vote — courtesy of Greg, who’s enjoying jungle makeout sessions with Jenna’s partner in cuteness, Colleen. Gervase, the YMCA basketball coach, has gone on the record saying that he finds both women ”annoying.”

GREG Either the pressure’s beginning to get to the Ivy league graduate, or he’s truly marching to his own beat. As his Pagong teammates struggle to rebuild their ruined shelter, he carries on conversations with imaginary pals via a ”nature phone” — a coconut shell. When Greg’s not making time with Colleen, he’s making a spectacle of himself. Just how long his ”crazy like a fox” act holds up remains to be seen.

JOEL The sandy haired health club consultant hasn’t gotten much screen time lately, which could be a good sign. (Extensive footage of Ramona’s seasickness and flu was a too-obvious indicator of her imminent ouster.) But who is this Joel guy, really? Like Greg, he seems to be suffering from a severe sunburn in the opening credits — but skin as pale as his wouldn’t have to last 39 days to get that lobster look.

JEFF PROBST At first the host confined himself to oh-so-serious vote counts and endless intonations of the ”Survivor” premise (16 castaways! 39 days! $1 million prize!) But this week the double-dimpled emcee distinguished himself by badgering Gervase about subpar athletic performances. ”You were somewhat responsible for your team losing,” he sneered. If there’s any justice on this island, the host will be the next one to face the wrath of a Tribal Council.