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The week's best internet quotes

The week’s best internet quotes — Former ”Late Night” sidekick Andy Richter and ”Dinosaur”’s D.B. Sweeney talk about their work

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”I actually still have a baby blanket. I think it mellows me out or something. If everyone kept their baby blankets or sucked their thumbs, there would be less war. That’s my philosophy. To hell with Nietzsche.”
Roswell‘s Katherine Heigl on one thing people would be surprised to know about her, on TV Guide Online

”There was some foreign model — I can’t remember her name — and she had clear plastic pumps and they were sort of condensating with sweat. I didn’t hear a word she was saying. I just kept looking at her and thinking, ‘Oh, your sexy little fetish shoes… are fogging up with sweat!!!”’
Andy Richter on one of the more memorable guests on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, on Entertainment Weekly Online

”I was relieved that they weren’t gonna have songs in this thing, because who knows who they’re gonna get to sing your parts. I could be a really cool dinosaur and, all of a sudden, they get one of the punks from ‘N Sync to do the songs.”
Dinosaur voice actor D. B. Sweeney on the decision not to make the Dinsey film a musical, on Hollywood.com