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We gave it a B

SEX AND THE CITY www.hbo.com/city
Just in time for the summer season, HBO has come to its senses and polished up Sex‘s official online outpost, doing away with last year’s limp attempt (though it smartly keeps the recipe for those ubiquitous Cosmopolitans). Like the show, the site’s pretty much Carrie-centric, with instructions on how to dress like her (”Carrie under a Patricia Field cowboy hat tames the beast within”) and talk like her (”Man may have discovered fire, but women discovered how to play with it”…rrrrrrr). Even the show’s fickle characters might enjoy this site — and it barely mentions men! A

C’MON, GET HAPPY! www.cmon gethappy.com
If you aren’t immediately hypnotized by the freakish silhouettes of Partridge Family members Danny Bonaduce, Susan Dey, and the rest of the clan morphing into one another, you’ll find a hefty fan page packed tight with random knowledge. In Brush With Velvet, fans gush about meeting the fam: ”[David Cassidy] looked me in the eye and said — swear to God — ‘Is this your pen?’ I…heard, ‘Will you have my baby?”’ The episode wrap-ups deliver, but the vid guide points you to the Columbia House online store. Still, you can’t get more thorough than the FAQ, whose entries include Mr. Partridge’s whereabouts and the first-season theme-song lyrics. But where’s the Brady-style backstage gossip? C’mon, guys, get catty! A-

The WB’s poodle-cut collegian is paid tribute by snitty fans in this sorta offbeat site-with-a-cool-name. Besides exalting the show’s Goth-girl prototype Meghan (Amanda Foreman), there’s a Felicity drinking game (take a snort every time Felicity walks in slo-mo). Where’s the contempt and sardonicism? It’s in the gleefully grouchy episode guide, with features like a Felicity vocabulary list (”psychical,” ”funny look,” and ”incredible buffet of men”) and the Felicity Sweater Count (”It looks like it’s gonna be a cold winter”). B

PEGGY’S FEET (www.peggysfeet.com)
Inquiring minds want to know, right? Uh, not necessarily. But at least the rowdy minds behind Fox’s animated series King of the Hill digress from corporate churn with this online carnival that celebrates prudish Texas matron Peggy Hill’s feet (a tie-in to last season’s episode wherein pictures of the character’s size 161/2s ended up for sale on the Internet). You get to paint Peg’s toenails (Lone Star cherry red and cobalt blue), watch a close-up of her stomping on eggshells — you even get to spank those tootsies when she’s bad! Or maybe it’s time for that cold shower. B