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The week's best internet quotes

The week’s best internet quotes — Ethan Hawke talks about his interpretation of Hamlet, while ”Small Time Crooks” star Tracey Ullman talks about working with Woody Allen

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”Most of the guys who’ve played Hamlet were too old — around 40. I always thought in a modern sense he’s much more like a Holden Caulfield or a Kurt Cobain. He’s got problems with his mother and his father, he doesn’t know who he is, and he’s got this difficult girlfriend. So, really, those are a young guy’s issues, aren’t they?”
Hamlet‘s Ethan Hawke on his interpretation of Shakespeare’s Danish prince, on Entertainment Weekly Online

”There was this great moment on Park Avenue. I’m in the back of this Mercedes at night, and there I was, done up, and I could see Woody Allen behind the camera. And you think, ‘Oh boy! I’m in New York shooting a Woody Allen film!’ And then I had dog s— on the bottom of my designer shoe and I thought, ‘There you go. Nothing quite works with me.”’
Small Time Crooks‘ Tracey Ullman on working with director Allen, on Mr. Showbiz