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Movie sites

Movie sites — We review sites for ”Dinosaur,” ”Shanghai Noon,” ”Passion of Mind,” and other recent films

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Movie sites

Movie Grade B+; Website Grade A-
See photos of original locations, put computer-generated images into a photographic background, and animate a dinosaur foot. Disney’s marketing mania continues too, with tie-ins costing up to $159.

Mission: Impossible 2
Movie Grade B+; Website Grade B+
Register as an IMF agent for spy-themed contests and puzzles. The site looks slick, but operates as nimbly as a tank. It’s apt to stall, so while admission isn’t impossible, it’s harder than it should be.

Passion of Mind
Movie Grade D+; Website Grade C
Good intentions can’t make up for lack of passion here: An opening montage of photos gives way to eight stills, a trailer, a plot synopsis, and a signed-poster giveaway contest. Never mind.

Shanghai Noon
Movie Grade C; Website Grade B
East meets West — again. The best things: video interviews with Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson. Not available yet: a bit on Chan’s fight choreography and outtakes of his funny missteps.

Small Time Crooks
Movie Grade B-; Website Grade C
The modest site does offer an interview with Allen, but its Amazon.com location (along with the meager contents and minimalist design) makes the whole enterprise seem, well, small-time.