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Winter movies

Winter movies — We take a look at trailers for ”How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” ”Charlie’s Angels,” and ”Hannibal”

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Enough with the ”summer movie season” already. Here at EW, we like to peer far into the cinematic mists. And luckily, a trio of trailers have just hit theaters offering glimpses of the future. A sneak peek:

A delightfully mean stocking stuffer. Jim Carrey’s second turn as a green rascal resembles a live-action version of Tim Burton’s goth masterwork The Nightmare Before Christmas. The spot shows Noel-themed nastiness — sugarplums plucked from a child’s dream, a kitty hoovered by a chimney-vac — before cutting to a barely recognizable Carrey. A

CHARLIE’S ANGELS (November 2000):
Um, is this a Clairol ad? Way too much time is spent showing the babes — Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu — tossing lush locks in slo-mo. (Saving grace: Bill Murray’s Bosley smoothing what little hair he’s got left.) There’s also lots of karate-chopping poses from our heroines (don’t sweat the competition, Jackie Chan). Our suggestion: The girls’ first case should be finding out who conceived this limp promo. C

HANNIBAL (February 2001):
A minimalist hors d’oeuvre, reminiscent of Kubrick’s genius trailer for The Shining. The screen flashes a series of titillating warnings — ”Do not approach the glass,” ”Do not let him inside your head” — before hitting us with a shot of Sir Anthony glaring into the camera (audiences supply their own liver-sucking phffts). The only sour aftertaste? A hokey tag line: ”The Silence Will Be Broken.” B