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The Boomer

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The Boomer

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Marty Asher

We gave it a B-

At first glance, this slim volume — a man’s life in 101 haiku-like chapters — would seem to be the Next Big Father’s Day Thing. But Marty Asher’s The Boomer has got a quasi-Cheever undertone that belies its innocuous title. The otherwise nameless Boomer grows up, goes to college, discovers sex, gets married, has a son, and lands a good job. Then he moves to the suburbs, discovers Valium, and gets divorced. Ultimately he dies without ever doing what would have made him happy: to ”take trivial things less seriously and try to enjoy each day more.” As Hallmark solutions go, that’s a doozy, and as generational tales go, this is a depressing one, familiar to anyone who’s read the literature of suburban angst. B-