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Russell Crowe tells EW Online why he won't take a vacation

Plus, the latest quotes from Ethan Hawke, Sandra Bullock, Martin Sheen, and others

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Russell Crowe
Jeff Vespa/IPOL

Haven’t been to many Hollywood parties lately? Not to worry. Here’s a brief roundup of the most memorable quotes celebrities have recently told EW Online.

  • ”I’m the world’s worst tourist. Once I learned that about myself, I’ve tried to change the way I deal with being on location, because it seems silly to go to these magnificent places and only see the hotel room and the set. So I try to relax by having a poke about, looking under a few bushes to see what’s there. But I’ve never gotten on a plane to go on holiday, never. When I have a holiday, I’m at home playing with my cows.” RUSSELL CROWE, star of ”Gladiator”

  • ”Most of the guys who’ve played Hamlet were too old — around 40. I always thought in a modern sense he’s much more like a Holden Caulfield or a Kurt Cobain. He’s got problems with his mother and his father, he doesn’t know who he is, and he’s got this difficult girlfriend. So, really, those are a young guy’s issues, aren’t they?” ETHAN HAWKE on ”Hamlet”

  • ”I like getting older, but I’m not a big mirror person. I don’t do well with bathroom lighting either. The contractor for my house kept asking, ‘Don’t you want to put in makeup lights?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I guess,’ but when I’m at home I don’t care. I’m in denial. If I don’t see [my looks] slipping, I don’t have to deal with it. I don’t think of a mirror as something that’s your friend.” ”28 Days” star SANDRA BULLOCK

  • ”The truth in Hollywood is it’s very difficult for any artist to get what they want done. Interestingly enough, it was easier getting a science fiction project on the screen than it’s been getting a musical on the screen. I’ve been trying for 20 years to get a musical [”Standing Room Only”] done, but no one gets it. And musicals have been one of my most successful genres.” ”Battlefield Earth” star and producer JOHN TRAVOLTA

  • ”I’ve only been arrested [for civil disobedience] a couple times since I started the show, but the producers knew down the road that might be a possibility. But whether or not it’s good press, my activism enhances the character I’m playing. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to remember that it isn’t Martin Sheen [on ”West Wing”], it’s the President. The republic is safe from my ever getting my hands on the Oval Office.” Activist MARTIN SHEEN on playing the fictional President Josiah Bartlet on ”West Wing”

  • ”The only way anyone is going to recognize me from ”X-Men” is maybe if I’m walking along the street with a visor across my face. You never really see my eyes in the movie, so fans will have to recognize me by my cheekbones.” JAMES MARSDEN, on playing Cyclops in ”X-Men”