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Mira Sorvino takes on the role of producer

And the most anticipated film at Cannes is ready to screen

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Mira Sorvino
Stephane Cardinale/Corbis Sygma

You can tell the people who have just arrived because the whites of their eyes are actually white, and they’re brimming with the kind of enthusiasm that those of us who have been here for a week — or is it 45 years? — can barely remember. (Actually, it hasn’t even been a week, but that’s too awful to think about).

The movies continue to — for lack of the energy needed to be tactful — pretty much suck. There has not been a single film that everyone, or even most people, have agreed on. Today I met with Mira Sorvino, who’s here as the producer of ”Famous” and loving attending, for the first time, as a producer and not a lowly actor.

Three years ago she was on the jury, and she has been here as the star of a film ever since; now, for the first time, she says she’s actually being asked interesting questions, since people want to know about the movie, and not her personal life. (That said, she was fully made up and decked out for a 1 p.m. interview, and looking as glam as any movie star here.)

I also had a quick drive-by with Liv Ullman, who has directed ”Faithless,” a movie based on an Ingmar Bergman script. She’s delighted the movie is so far being well received, but is getting out of town as fast as possible and heading somewhere else in France where she can rest.

Meanwhile, Ken Loach’s ”Bread and Roses” has finally sold — very quietly — to Lions Gate, which is rumored to be buying Trimark. Needless to say, that puts Trimark in a possibly awkward position here, since it’s difficult to buy films if you think you, in turn, are about to be bought.

All is quiet on the Miramax front for the next couple of days — until ”The Yards” screening — and other U.S. studios are similarly hiding out at the moment. Tomorrow morning is the screening of New Line’s ”Dancer in the Dark,” Lars von Trier’s new movie, which is receiving the most anticipation/excitement of the festival. If it’s wonderful, that will surely give us the energy to get through; if not, watch those flights from Nice to the States suddenly become very, very full in the next couple of days.