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Beverly Hill 90210: The Auction

Here are a few items missing from the most recent “90210” auction

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We’re so excited. Until May 22, auction site As Seen In (http://www.asseenin.com) is giving fans of the doomed show Beverly Hills, 90210 a chance to bid on goods like Dylan’s 1963 Triumph motorcycle and the jukebox from the Peach Pit. Still, we think they’re overlooking a few key items. Herein, a sampling of what should be on the block.

Drinks at After Dark with guest stars Hilary Swank, Casper Van Dien, Dom DeLuise, Vivica A. Fox, and Richard Roundtree: $30

Spelling’s Magic TeleSalve—or whatever it was that healed Kelly’s life-threatening body burns in season five: $20

Dylan’s sideburns: $5

A piece of Luke Perry’s barely eaten French toast from the Peach Pit: $1,500

Donna’s virginity: $1.50

The 90210 Pandora’s box, featuring rape, incest, divorce, abortion, heroin, suicide, cigarettes, and Jamie Walters: $20

David’s OJ and crystal meth concoction from season four: 10 cents

Brenda Walsh (negotiable—will take best offer)