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TREND OF TWO: Blond Teen Pop Stars With Stuff Falling on Their Heads Used to be that a trend required at least three examples. We here at EW feel that’s a bit constraining. So we decided to lower the bar based on the evidence…

— In March, Britney Spears needed four stitches after a camera fell on her noggin during the filming of her new video, ”Oops!…I Did It Again,” in L.A.

— On April 13, the New York Daily News reported Christina Aguilera was at Manhattan’s Pastis restaurant when a flowerpot fell on her dome. Actually, says Aguilera’s publicist, the flowerpot missed the pop star by a few inches and may have hit the manager of Christina’s new dance partner, Enrique Iglesias.

Okay. Fine. Call it a Trend of One and a Half. — Scott Brown

DIS-SPELLING The finale of Beverly Hills, 90210 hasn’t even aired yet, but the show is already being revived — as parody. Grosse Pointe, a new half-hour comedy pilot being developed by ex-90210 producer Darren Star for The WB, focuses on young Hollywood actors starring in a TV high school drama very similar to 90210. How similar? According to the script, the cast includes a “faux James Dean” sporting a toupee (could that be follically challenged Luke Perry?), a pinup boy and stormy prima donna playing Midwestern brother and sister (Jason Priestley and Shannen Doherty perhaps?), and a weight-obsessed Tori Spelling knock-off whose uncle is a network honcho — though she insists she had to audition like everyone else. Star, whose credits include Melrose Place and Sex and the City, maintains Pointe‘s characters are ”completely fictional.” But, he adds, ”it’s not 90210 — just like Larry Sanders wasn’t Letterman or Leno.” Uh-huh. — William Keck


MIKE MYERS ”I’m not the father of Madonna‘s child. I want to put that rumor to rest right now.”

ADAM ARKIN (Chicago Hope) ”I’m still denying that I’m George Clooney. I actually wish there were more rumors to deny.”

JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS ”I have no tape holding up my breasts right now.”

BRUCE VILANCH (Hollywood Squares) ”That I’m heterosexual. Can you tell Suzanne Somers to stop stalking me?”

DAVID HYDE PIERCE (Frasier) ”That the dog gets paid more than the rest of the cast — absolutely not true!”

ERIC McCORMACK (Will & Grace) ”That I wear underwear.”