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Feedback: Readers respond to EW's review of the 2000 Oscars.

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Feedback: Readers respond to EW’s review of the 2000 Oscars.

This week, the truly final word on Oscars 2000 from EW readers (#534, April 7): “I knew it would be good when I saw the cover with the sarcastic catchphrases,” writes Jill Woolard of Hickory, N.C. “You read my mind! Does Russell Crowe ever smile? Jack Nicholson really did look like Dick Butkus. And I would rather hear the Benigni/Almodóvar nonsensical-yet-entertaining speeches than Beatty babble.” Another satisfied customer was Chris Smith of Chicago, who felt our take on the night was dead-on: “I have to agree, something is not right with Angelina Jolie and her brother! Tyra Banks with her ‘Miss Thang’ crap was cringe-inducing,” he says. “Seeing Cher among all these nuts almost made me feel calm and safe!”


Hurrah for another superb dissection of the Oscar festivities! As always, you managed to report, with great humor, an event which can take itself far too seriously. I mean really, what was Peter Coyote thinking when he agreed to that gig? And not to undermine Angelina Jolie’s tremendous talent, but I hadn’t realized that Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, had been nominated for Best Supporting Actress! KATIE LAIL Lilburn, Ga.

With your Oscar 2000 edition, I have come to the conclusion that you are, without a doubt, the most enjoyable read on today’s magazine shelves. Who else would think to print the entire transcript of Pedro Almodóvar’s extremely witty (if indecipherable) acceptance speech? Who else would take Peter Coyote to task for damaging his career? Who else would take such delight in Mena Suvari’s reincarnation as Mel’s sassiest waitress? And who else would use The Cider House Rules to compromise Trent Lott’s anti-abortion stance? I can’t wait ’til 2001! NEIL BARCLAY Toronto

Lemme get this right: Chad Lowe helps his wife, Hilary Swank, get through a difficult experience portraying the excruciating things that happened to Brandon Teena in a small independent film. Said film goes from being an art-house favorite to winning the Oscar for his wife. He then cries tears of relief, of joy, of whatever. And Ken Tucker rips into him for this? What’s wrong with this picture? AMIE LOYER New York City

Thanks for noticing my favorite Oscar moment — Fiona Apple’s pout when Paul Thomas Anderson lost for Magnolia‘s screenplay. Because of it, we created a whole new word suitable for use as a noun, verb, whatever: “Don’t be such a Fiona”; “He pulled a Fiona when he didn’t get his way”; and the ever-popular “Don’t get all Fiona on me.” Thanks for once again having your finger on my entertainment pulse! DON SPEZIALE donspez@aol.com San Francisco

“I was just so f—ing angry to lose to Phil Collins. F— him. It sucks. It sucks. It sucks.” Your issue featured this eloquent response from South Park‘s Trey Parker to Phil’s winning the Best Original Song Oscar. Phil is a brilliant composer-arranger, music producer, keyboard artist, drummer, actor, and singer. He’s also a humanitarian, having raised millions of dollars for the homeless and other good causes. Parker’s contribution to our culture: sophomoric films and TV, filthy language, flatulence, and bad taste. Super-California-Fragile-Extra-Braggadocio. RICHARD WILSON Chevy Chase, Md.

How can anyone think Nicole Kidman’s dress was anything but tacky? Did Tom try to dress her as an Oscar in case he didn’t receive the real one? B. SCOTT KELLEY Monticello, Ky.

If the worst fashion mistakes at the Oscars were that dresses (Tyra Banks’) and hairdos (Mena Suvari’s) didn’t go with stars’ personalities or ages, then you’re reaching to snipe at something. At least Ms. Suvari did something with her hair, which is more than can be said for Drew “Wash and Wear” Barrymore, who dressed for a dynamic exit, yet was only really filmed from the front. And what about those visible areolas under Courtney Love’s sheer outfit? No wonder Russell Crowe almost smiled! VICKI WALKER Phoebe9294@aol.com Stockton, Calif.


I think I will enjoy watching Falcone regardless of the lukewarm reviews (“Mob Mentality”). The main f—ing reason is f—ing because it is being f—ing shown on f—ing network f—ing television and I won’t f—ing have to f—ing sit and f—ing listen to the word f— used in more f—ing ways than I ever f—ing knew existed. I know The Sopranos is on HBO and they don’t have to worry about censors, and my husband and I are huge fans, but I believe even mobsters can talk without using f— every other word in a sentence! TERESA BISCHOFF Libertyville, Ill.