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Diva-ster: VH1 DIVAS 2000

The girls fizzle while the guys sizzle on VH1.

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Tonight on VH1: When Good Divas Go Bad! Well, not quite, but the two-night concert extravaganza, VH1 Divas 2000: A Tribute to Diana Ross and Men Strike Back (which premiered April 11 and 18, respectively), had its share of behind-the-music turmoil. “The difference was like night and day,” confirms beleaguered VH1 exec VP Wayne Isaak, who witnessed a grueling, five-hour taping for Divas (starring Mariah Carey, Donna Summer, and, of course, Miss Ross) and a relatively smooth two-and-a-half-hour recording for Men (featuring Backstreet Boys, Sting, Tom Jones, and Christina Aguilera) two nights later. “There were moments…where we had to take some really deep breaths.” Among the bumps: Diana Ross’ temperamental microphone, a band she had performed with only once, and “clothing and hair issues,” according to Isaak. Another bump: Divas 2000 drew 17 million viewers in its premiere week, down from last year’s 20 million. On a more positive note, with Sting joining BSB on “I Want It That Way,” and D’Angelo and Tom Jones’ rendition of “Sex Machine,” the men proved they could work it just as well as the women — and in half the time. So, anyone up for Divas 2001? “After doing three shows and having upwards of 20 divas, the list is running short,” says Isaak. “Personally, I’m so diva-ed out you can’t even begin.”

(Additional reporting by Allyssa Lee)