Rebecca Ascher-Walsh and Steve Daly
April 21, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Skirt Stake
He wore a gray fright wig as Don King and is going close-cropped for Mission: Impossible 2. But that’s nothing compared with the tonsorial traffic-stoppers Ving Rhames will display in Holiday Heart, an upcoming comedy-drama exec-produced by Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Productions, in which he stars as a drag-loving gay man. ”I have a lot of different looks in this,” says the massive, deep-voiced actor — including a spin performing as Diana Ross. His hair and makeup folks have a tough job, he says, because ”brother, making me look like a woman is no easy process.”

Something funky is going on in Hollywood, where more and more actors are deciding that what they really want to do is…write. Dennis Quaid will soon be seen in the sci-fi thriller Frequency, but he’s most excited about the script he’s just completed. Citing author’s superstition, he won’t divulge plot details, but he does betray his neophyte status by calling the process ”really gratifying.” Love and Basketball‘s Omar Epps is currently shopping his script, Who Stole the Soul, which he describes as ”a voyeuristic look into the life of a hip-hop star.” And Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, who penned Good Will Hunting, might be collaborating again. ”We’ve both had writer’s block for two years,” says Damon, who hopes to jump-start their creativity by abandoning Halfway House, a script they began years ago, and start anew. ”We know we’re going to get murdered this time, so we just want to write something we like, and then we’ll go out and take our medicine.”

Additional reporting by Tricia Johnson

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