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Gary Coleman says '''Diff'rent Strokes' must die''

Gary Coleman says ”’Diff’rent Strokes’ must die”–The star of the ’80s sitcom protests Fox’s mini-documentary

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Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout, Mr. Murdoch? The Fox network is prepping a quickie one-hour TV movie on the troubled Diff’rent Strokes cast to air during May sweeps. And while star Todd Bridges has signed on in a consulting role, Gary Coleman — who, according to his management, was offered $5,000 to submit to a three-hour taped interview — is moving to the beat of his own drum: ”There is no sum of money large enough on this planet or any other in the universe that would make me participate,” says the diminutive 32-year-old actor, who is eager to distance himself from the ’80s sitcom. ”Diff’rent Strokes must die, and it must die soon…. I don’t care if it’s a bloody death, I don’t care if it’s a quiet death, just as long as it dies.” Strangely enough, Coleman will be retaliating against the yet-to-be-cast Fox special by being interviewed on another Fox special — an examination of media scrutiny of celebrities — to air later this year. Not that he thinks Rupert Murdoch will listen: ”Who am I to challenge Fox? I am nothing to them.”