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Oscars 2017
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The week's best Internet quotes

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”While you’re making the picture you do have that sense of person. [When] I needed some caffeine on this particular movie, I’d be, ‘Where the f— is my cappuccino? What is it with you people? It’s later than the godd— millennium.’ Normally, I don’t ask like that.”
— Julia Roberts on staying in character on the set of Erin Brockovich on Mr. Showbiz

”Yeah, the rituals are intense, arcane, and some of them are just perverse. I mean, the stuff that we put in the movie is tame in comparison. Like the ‘rebirth ritual,’ where a guy lays naked in a coffin…. George W. Bush was in [Skull & Bones]. So if that man gets elected President, I will never, ever be able to take him seriously. C’mon, you were in that coffin!”
Joshua Jackson on the model for The Skulls‘ secret society on Bigstar