Scott Brown
April 14, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

TV websites

The Practice: A Fanpage
Vickie Fernandes of sunny Davis, Calif., has gone out of her way to honor the Beantown legal drama — we’re talking complete transcripts here, folks. Reenact that unforgettable partners’ meeting where Lindsay wrestles Ellenor, or discover exactly what it was that Helen muttered after yet another crushing defeat. All this plus a quote archive (”If you’re ever in an argument, you can always trump with a dead mother”), postcards, trivia, and a pic from the upcoming Western Texas Rangers, which stars Dylan McDermott as a gunslinger — included, we assume, for comic relief. A

Days Down Under (
Stroll down lost/stolen/fiendishly altered memory lane at Gayle Howard’s no-frills ode to a classic sudser. ”Days of Our Lives first aired in Australia in 1969 — four years after the U.S. [premiere],” she writes on the welcome page. And, heavens-to-Stefano, it’s still lagging, so lucky Yanks can relive seasons past and visit vanished characters (Hope hasn’t a clue about her past as Princess Gina! Kristen hasn’t been sent to the Turkish harem yet!). Bonus points for the Aussie-inflected poem: Who knew ”seen her” could rhyme with ”Marlena”? B+

Batman Beyond
When you’re lucky enough to own a cult animated series, it behooves you to build a bang-up website, and the WB almost succeeds. Almost. A slow-loading Java window (i.e., the ”Bat Computer”) outlines the show’s premise with gee-whiz sound effects, several embarrassing typos, and an invitation to create your own Bat-persona, but piecing together the ”entry code” entails — surprise — a compulsory site tour. Even after all that effort, the Bat-fan is too often defeated by the ruthless Javascript Error. C+

The Airwolf Home Page
Millions of us learned to pilot a whirlybird from Jan Michael Vincent and Ernest Borgnine in the mid-’80s. Nowadays, Vincent is rumored dead almost as often as Borgnine’s career, but Haakon Kjole’s stunningly professional Norwegian fansite recalls Airwolf‘s salad days, with countless images of airshow pilgrims drooling over the eponymous jetcopter. Too bad the video clips aren’t properly linked. And what’s this in the audio archive? The Blue Thunder theme?!? Heresy! A-

Law & Order: Repeat Offenders
Finally, a site that explores TV’s greatest mystery: the case of Law & Order‘s revolving guest stars. Perps regularly resurface as defense attorneys, reporters as judges, landladies as psychologists — how do the writers explain it? Night school? Here, myriad examples of recidivist casting are logged alphabetically by name; e.g., Walter Bobbie has been lawyer to a pusher, brother to a suspect, and, in real life, director of Broadway’s smash Chicago revival. Case closed. CHUNG-chung! A-

Nick at Nite & TV Land — Two Networks, One Website (www.
Happy Days are here again, thanks to this encyclopedia of vintage tube schlock. Ah, the bounty: separate pages devoted to every TV Land and Nick at Nite rerun, each replete with sounds, images, and episode summaries; a Real-Video ”Retromercial” archive (see, VW ads were always good); and theme songs that’ll tug at your heartstrings. Okay, tough guy, let’s see you stay dry-eyed during the opening bars of Mannix. A+

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