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This week on the Internet

This week on the Internet–A fake soap opera for ”28 Days” and Paul McCartney’s rage against MP3s

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Soap Floats
Why did Betty Thomas, the director of the new Sandra Bullock flick 28 Days, shoot six real episodes of Santa Cruz (www.soapcity.com), the fake soap opera that the 12-steppers find themselves addicted to in the film? Frustration, says Thomas: ”All they had [on 28 Days‘ studio site] was an incorrect synopsis. That drove me nuts.” Consider this her six step therapy.

Macca Attack
Add another music heavyweight to the legal battle against MP3.com. Paul McCartney’s publishing company, MPL Communications, recently filed suit alleging that the site’s My.MP3.com service, which allows users to access MP3 versions of their CDs, violates existing copyright laws. The claim ”does not involve Mr. McCartney’s music,” stresses a rep for the ex-Beatle, ”but songs by other artists that MPL owns the rights to.” Phew — we can still download ”Silly Love Songs” with a clear conscience.