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''The Skulls'' twists the truth

”The Skulls” twists the truth–A member of Yale’s famous secret society tells us how close the movie gets to the real thing

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”The Skulls” twists the truth

It’s no secret that the evil Ivy League society in The Skulls — a new thriller starring Joshua Jackson — is modeled on Yale’s famously covert Skull & Bones, whose alumni include William F. Buckley Jr. and George Bush (both father and son). So EW asked a recent Bonesman — who, natch, asked to remain anonymous — for his take:

Although membership has its privileges — the real Skull & Bones does have its own island getaway — I must have been absent the night all the watches, sports cars, and $100,000 checks were distributed. Yes, initiation rites are sometimes outrageous and silly. But I can safely say that branding wrists with hot pokers didn’t play a part. Nor do I recall a bunch of high-ranking alums hanging around $ let alone committing and covering up a murder. And where is the token initiate of color? (Perhaps Jackson is considered a minority since he’s a townie.) For that matter, where are the women? Hell, even we went coed in 1991. In short, The Skulls misses the call on tap night. D-