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A scandalous Lincoln online

A scandalous Lincoln online–The web series ”Hard Drinkin’ Lincoln” casts a new light on the venerable president

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A scandalous Lincoln online

Presidential reputations have soiled with age, but Abe Lincoln’s has remained mostly untouched by scandal. Which makes it even more enjoyable to see him depicted as a liquor-swilling, womanizing old coot in the weekly Web series Hard Drinkin’ Lincoln (http://www.icebox.com). The Great Emancipator puts Bill Clinton to shame in the Lincoln bedroom, uses his facial wart to save Jenny Lind from John Wilkes Booth, and helps Gandhi screen personal ads for fat chicks. Topped by an outrageous theme song (”He’s a rabid Irish hater/And a public masturbator”), Lincoln is probably risky even for late-night MTV. Which is why writer-creator Mike Reiss, executive producer of The Simpsons, brought this series to Icebox.com, whose upcoming slate of cartoonists includes South Park writers, King of the Hill producers, and Party of Five creators. As for Lincoln, it’s a pretty unimpeachable start. B