Jim Mullen
April 14, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

1 ‘N Sync
These haircuts sold 2.4 million albums in a week. Now maybe they can afford to buy the letter i.

2 The Supremes
Two of Diana Ross’ former partners can’t make the Return to Love tour. They’re too busy organizing their Stabbed in the Back tour.

3 Prince Charles
The heir to the British throne has given up lunch for Lent. As if giving up English food is penance.

4 Haley Joel Osment
The Sixth Sense kid may get $2 million to star in Steven Spielberg’s A.I. I see dead presidents.

5 Short Index Fingers
A study claims you can spot a lesbian by the shape of her hand. And you can tell a researcher by the slope of his forehead.

6 O
Oprah Winfrey’s magazine is getting ready to hit the stands. The first issue will be 200 pages — then the next month 150, then 190, then 170.

7 The Sims
A popular computer game where almost-real people glide through a simulated life. We used to call it college.

8 Elian Gonzalez
If you see anything about him on TV, can you tape it for me?

9 The Early Show
A pessimist would say Bryant Gumbel’s ratings could be better. An optimist would say he’s kicking Brian Lamb’s butt.

10 Darva Conger
A Las Vegas judge won’t grant her an immediate annulment. He’s afraid it might make a mockery of thoughtless, quickie marriages.

11 Furby
When the toy says ”Hug me,” some say it sounds like something naughty. So stores doubled the price and put it in the record section.

12 Antiques Roadshow
Two experts deny accusations that they gave a bogus appraisal. If they did it, they could be forced to watch PBS fund-raisers for 3 to 5 years.

13 Kate Moss
Days after being hospitalized with a kidney infection, she’s out partying. Her next cover: Dialysis Monthly.

14 The Beatles
The aging rock legends finally wrote a memoir. Now, if they could only remember where they put it.

15 Pulitzer Prizes
They celebrate the best in newspaper journalism. Yet they’ll give out awards this year anyway.

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