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The Blue Bedspread

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The Blue Bedspread

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We gave it a B+

Over the course of one unusually hot December night in Calcutta, an unnamed narrator transcribes his history with a sense of urgency for a newborn girl: She is the daughter of his sister, who has just died in childbirth, and in the morning the child will be adopted. The quiet tone of Raj Kamal Jah’s debut novel The Blue Bedspread, underscored by spare language reminiscent of a Raymond Carver story, packs a deceptive punch, unflinchingly delineating the familial turbulence raging just below the veneer of daily life. As if to heighten the chilly atmosphere, this tale of alcoholism and violence unfolds during the darkest, loneliest nocturnal hours, when ”every sound gets magnified, every ear gets sharper.” B+