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Chili Peppers rock online

Chili Peppers rock online–Catch web-streaming episodes from their Pacific tour

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Chili Peppers rock online

For many, the phenomenon of bands performing overseas brings to mind This Is Spinal Tap, which concludes with the hair-metal has-beens enjoying celebrity afterlife in Japan. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are neither has-beens nor hairy, but a similar sense of culture-clash absurdity pervades the streaming episodes culled from their recently concluded Pacific tour and posted thrice a week at REDHOT (http://www.redhot.z.com, Real or Windows Media Player). Luckily, the band exploits the inherent situational silliness with cleverly edited glimpses of goofier moments: e.g., sampling ”special” seeds (reputed to be ”the opposite of crack”) in Budokan, or following a funky rendition of ”Californication” with John Cale’s incongruously boppy ”I Want To Go Back to Adelaide” in tribute to a crowd in the Aussie town. Best of all, their drummer has survived every episode — so far. A-