Marc Bernardin
April 07, 2000 AT 04:00 AM EDT

You’d think that a 20th anniversary DVD of a comedy as revered as Caddyshack would be a little more impressive than this. Aside from the movie itself — which is, quite simply, the funniest film ever made about the stunningly boring sport of golf — the only thing remotely special here is a retrospective documentary featuring Chevy Chase, director Harold Ramis, and a consistently sunglassed exec producer Jon Peters. It does offer some interesting anecdotes (the one about Rodney Dangerfield’s ”gift” to Ted Knight is a howler), and some never-before-seen outtakes. But the fact that Bill Murray, who is so inspired as Carl the gopher-hunting groundskeeper, didn’t participate makes the doc — and the DVD — less than a hole in one. C+

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