Ann Limpert
March 31, 2000 AT 05:00 AM EST

Sire Record
In a twist on the music-biz tale of recovering a performer’s lost royalties, a new site, Jay’s Kids (, has been formed on behalf of recently deceased R&B great Screamin’ Jay Hawkins to locate the singer’s illegitimate children. All 57 of them. Seems the voodoo rocker put a spell on more than just audiences during decades on the road, bedding up to 14 women a night, according to a press release at the site. Potential offspring can download photos, link to obits, and fill out an on-site form. ”We’ve already found one daughter,” says site creator and Hawkins pal Maral Nigolian, who hopes to ”eventually create a private chat room for the siblings.” Sounds like standing room only.

When writer-director Sarah Kernochan tried to sell All I Wanna Do, her film about an all-girls boarding school starring Kirsten Dunst and Lynn Redgrave, distributors didn’t think it had an audience. So Kernochan (whose screenwriting credits include 9 1/2 Weeks) took her story to the Web, rallying NYU and Columbia film students to create a PR site ( and middle schoolers to spread the word. The film will open in a New York City theater this month, and Kernochan hopes the cyberbuzz will generate interest: ”This is a total experiment born out of necessity and inspiration.” In other words, she’s doing all she can do.

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