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''Millionaire'' parodies

”Millionaire” parodies–From Michael Moore to Howard Stern to ”The Onion,” the media makes fun of the game show

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Who wants to send up the nation’s most popular game show? Is it (a) the new Michael Moore-directed video for Rage Against the Machine‘s ”Sleep Now in the Fire”; (b) satirical website The Onion‘s recent article about Russia’s supposed ”Who Wants to Eat a Meal?”; (c) Howard Stern‘s low-budget, lowbrow version, ”Who Wants to Win a Million Turkish Liras?”; (d) a new 21-minute film making the rounds in Hollywood, Being Regis Philbin? Save your lifelines: All four are Who Wants to Be a Millionaire parodies. Anthony Scarpa, director-cowriter of Being Regis, says Philbin is much more deserving of a mind invasion than John Malkovich: ”If you could go inside his brain, you could finally tell one of those idiot contestants who hog all the time to hurry the hell up.”