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Dollar coin makes change cool again

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Only your nana carries a coin purse, right? Maybe not. The U.S. Mint recently issued a dollar coin featuring Lewis and Clark’s Native American interpreter Sacagawea (do we smell Disney tie-in?), and she’s making change big again. While Americans never warmed to scowling feminist Susan B. Anthony (her dollar coin was a ’70s flop), the Sacagawea is so in demand that the mint sped up delivery early this month: 500 million of the coins are clinking in pockets after 14 weeks — a feat that took Suzy B. 14 years. What’s next, coin purse chic? Grammy goody bags included a Paul Frank design, while a Prada spokeswoman says change purses are ”a staple.” Handbag doyenne Kate Spade claims, ”We’re adding more into the collection.” Makes cents.