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Journey of the Pink Dolphins: An Amazon Quest

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Journey of the Pink Dolphins: An Amazon Quest

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Sy Montgomery
Nonfiction, Science and Technology

We gave it an A

During four trips to the Amazonian rain forests of Brazil and Peru, nature writer and NPR commentator Sy Montgomery encounters zillions of creepy-crawlies in Journey of the Pink Dolphins: An Amazon Quest. Driven by heady stories of the elusive pink dolphin, she faces down bloodsucking mosquitoes, flesh-munching piranhas, fist-size spiders, poisonous caterpillars, and venomous ants. Fortunately, she’s with her handy friend Dianne, the world’s best-prepared travel companion, who deftly whips out satin pillowcases, lip gloss, powdered Gatorade, and a caustic sense of humor in the direst of circumstances. Hobnobbing with scientists and locals, Montgomery seamlessly weaves together folklore, natural history, and contemporary research into a fantastic travelogue. A