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Drive Me Crazy

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This not-completely-dumb flick, about two lovelorn high schoolers who fake couplehood to spite the dream dates who’ve dissed them, harks back to the lesser achievements of the genre’s golden age — more Pretty in Pink than The Breakfast Club. Hart (Sabrina, the Teenage Witch), making her starring feature debut, exhibits a Ringwaldian grasp of the burdens of being ”in,” while Grenier is a soulful rebel in the Andrew McCarthy mold. And despite Crazy‘s Britney Spears- and Backstreet Boys-laced soundtrack, it’s REO Speedwagon’s ’80s anthem, ”Keep on Loving You,” that rocks out the movie’s Sixteen Candles-worthy ending, in which the right people hook up at the big dance. All that’s missing is Anthony Michael Hall. B+