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Bikini Masterpiece Theater

Bikini Masterpiece Theater–A Web project devoted to models reciting classic literature

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Bikini Masterpiece Theater

The web offers plenty of weekly series, and funny ones, too, but few are as puerile — and ingenious — as Bikini Masterpiece Theater (www.the threshold.com). The scantily clad twins who recite the opening lines from A Tale of Two Cities don’t show any unrepentant lust — or any talent whatsoever. The video’s blurry as well. But there’s something so impudently over-the-top about getting models to recite the works of Shakespeare and other literary figures in front of a tropical-print scrim that you’re forced to stop and marvel at it, just like you do with all those reality shows Fox is getting rid of. And if this kind of thing offends your delicate sensibilities, then don’t even bother to go near the rest of TheThreshold.com, home to former wrestler Rena Mero and the Mortal Kombat franchise. Gumption: A Execution: C