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Rick Rockwell's acting career

Rick Rockwell’s acting career–Prior to his stint as a TV personality, the millionaire had a part in ”Return of the Killer Tomatoes”

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Rick Rockwell’s acting career

Prior to his Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire? mix-up, Rick Rockwell was an aspiring actor whose credits included 1988’s sequel Return of the Killer Tomatoes. Good news for Rockwell! A new Tomatoes flick is in the works, and producers plan to approach the controversial Fox star about reprising his role. (Rockwell couldn’t be reached for comment.) Question is, Should he return to acting? EW‘s Brian M. Raftery critiques his first opus:

Taking over from another actor in the original Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (take heed, Ms. Julianne Moore), Rockwell plays Jim Richardson, a villainous ex-press secretary involved in a plot to unleash the titular produce on the world. The film allows Rockwell to indulge in some patented overacting — the spit take, the maniacal laugh, the labored Marlon Brando impersonation. But it’s mugging with no meaning. And while Rockwell’s heavy jaw may make for suitably goofy faces, it lacks the elasticity of, say, a Pauly Shore. Furthermore, he’s overshadowed by costars George Clooney (as a pizza maker) and Addams Family patriarch John Astin (as a fellow tomato fiend). Worth a viewing for one eerily prescient moment: After his tomato efforts have been thwarted, he yells, ”I will not be mocked any longer!” Sorry. No can do. C