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March 10, 2000 AT 05:00 AM EST

Mail from our readers

Bring on the Moby gripes. Legions of fans wrote in to protest a music-industry insider’s dismissive comments about the singer in our Grammy walkup. Reader Geoffrey Stevens, of Cambridge, Mass., was one of the dismayed: ”I was completely floored [that they] thought so little of the Best Alternative [rock nominees] this year. Fatboy Slim is a pioneer in the electronic/dance music field…. And Moby’s Play has been making critics’ top 10 lists…yet your insider has the gall to say, ‘Does anybody care?”’ Kudos to Moby and Fatboy fans for their passionate defense, but sadly, the insider seemed to know Grammy voters all too well — Beck, as predicted, picked up the Best Alternative Music Performance.

Spring Roles
Your Spring movie preview issue was solid as always. Great job. And as usual, EW provided some tidbits that won’t be found anywhere else. I must say that of all the behind-the-scenes info you gave us, the biggest surprise was on page 29. Who would have guessed that Ben Affleck was a briefs guy? Everything about him just screams boxers! Thanks, EW, for once again uncovering the true nature of a great actor.
Mike Kiley-Zufelt
Wilmington, Del.

Thanks for including Joshua Jackson’s new movie in your Spring Preview. But I can’t believe Rob Cohen, director of The Skulls, said that Jackson is not ”the most handsome actor out there.” Has he even met the guy? Not only is he extremely gorgeous, he is the best actor of his generation. All you have to do is mention Jackson’s name and I’m there.
Ginny Woodward
Laurinburg, N.C.

Grammy Whammies
The Insider predictions for the Grammy Awards, specifically for Best Salsa Performance, said ”’Oh, hell, just close your eyes and choose one”’ (”The Buzz Binge”). And everyone wonders why Latinos and other minorities are so angry at the majority for their cold-shoulder attitudes and ignorance! Is that the way they voted in all the other categories? So why make Hispanics seem like just another unimportant category (or nuisance) that is taking away their precious time?
Jacqueline Mosquera
Kearny, N.J.

Your ”Insider” comment regarding Moby, Tori Amos, and NIN being irrelevant is bizarre at best. Moby’s Play is a true synthesis of the techno and forward alt scene. NIN is still the truest band currently playing, and Tori Amos reaches millions of unsugared, aware, and intelligent young women. I weep for popular music. It has no place outside of Mentos ads. All sugar sweet, no lasting value.
Robert Easterbrook
Los Angeles

Moby’s Play is a revolutionary masterpiece, a mixture of the best from the old and the new: the classic birth of modern music mixed with the latest styles of electronic. Play covers a huge range of styles and flavors. Play is very ”relevant.”
Ariel Raiber
Staten Island, N.Y.

”Middle” Ground
No one could be happier than I am that Malcolm in the Middle is performing well for the Fox network (”Middle Big Man”). I love the show. But I can’t help remarking that the equally excellent Harsh Realm might have lasted more than a mere three episodes if Fox had gotten behind that show. I hope Malcolm goes on to be a long-running hit, but I doubt that Fox has the wisdom to continue handling it right. Let’s crash a jet into it. Let’s move it to Tuesday. Let’s do it last week!
Scott Marbach
Coconut Creek, Fla.

”Late” Expectations
Lay off Leno! For crying out loud! That wasn’t a review of the two late-night shows — it was a fawning love-fest for Letterman and a hatchet job on Leno (”Late Is Enough”). I admit there are some things I don’t care for on either show. But my patience is tried more with Letterman’s smug sarcasm than with Leno’s silliness. I’m sorry Letterman had to have surgery — but his usual ”I’m too cool for school” attitude gets on my last nerve. To be honest, I’d rather watch a rerun of Jay Leno than an original from David Letterman.
Pat McGraw
Huntington Beach, Calif.

Somebody give Ken Tucker a big-ass ham for his dead-on comparison of David Letterman’s and Jay Leno’s late-night stylings. Dave’s become a personality because he gives viewers nightly rundowns of his loves and loathes. Jay’s everything-to-everyone approach just makes him seem familiar. Dave’s hit-or-miss irony may not always work, but it’s more entertaining than his competition’s homogenized yuks.
Amanda Schurr
Sarasota, Fla.

CORRECTION: John Goodman is not in the cast of Ready to Rumble (Spring Movie Preview).

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