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Celebrities' Guilty Pleasures

Aimmee Mann, Ashton Kutcher, and more stars come clearn on their dirty little entertainment secrets

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‘E! True Hollywood Story’s are pretty much my guilty pleasure. They’re so amazing.
Aimee Mann

I like the Backstreet Boys. They’re my favorite. Howie is my absolute favorite. I know them all by name.
Ashton Kutcher

‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show.’
Patrick Swayze

Well, I confess, watching ”Cheers” is a guilty pleasure. I shouldn’t be enjoying it as much as I am…watching my own stuff.
Ted Danson

I’m a soap fan. Anything on CBS. All day long I watch ”The Bold and the Beautiful,” ”The Yound and the Restless,” ”Guiding Light.” I love them.
Issac Hayes