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Celebrity quotes culled from the Web

Celebrity quotes culled from the Web–Neve Campbell, Michael Douglass and Marisa Tomei get personal

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”It was a very strange experience the first time it happened to me, to be in my house and fearing that this person will find me. I feel like I never made the choice to be famous, but I did make the choice to entertain people, and that’s a pretty loving thing, and out of that comes people who want to harm you.”
Scream 3‘s Neve Campbell on her experience with stalkers, on Entertainment Weekly Online

”I was on a mission…from the first time I saw the movie Zorro when I saw Catherine in it…. In September of ’98, I had a chance to meet her. I’ve been sort of a heat-seeking missile ever since then, and I’ve been on one mission.”
Michael Douglas on meeting his fiancee, Catherine Zeta-Jones, on Entertainment Tonight Online

”I did have a boyfriend who was in a troubled time in his life; regular therapy wasn’t working, and I took him to a spiritual psychiatrist. Afterwards, I met with her and said, ‘What do you think?’ She said, ‘Well you know he’s an alien.’ And [she didn’t mean] an illegal alien. So I’ve had some strange ones in my day.”
Happy Accidents‘ Marisa Tomei, on Mr. Showbiz