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UPN gives the WB a lickin' in the ratings

EW Online compares UPN’s taste for blood with the WB’s warm-and-fuzzy fare

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The WB might boast such critical favorites as ”Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and ”Dawson’s Creek,” but these days the lovey-dovey network is getting trumped in the ratings by that other TV upstart, UPN. Thanks to its ”WWF Smackdown!” and other testosterone-oriented fare, UPN lured in 600,000 more viewers than the WB last week, earning a 5 ratings share to the WB’s 4. Since both networks feature plenty of programming for younger viewers, what’s the dif? We’ve got the smackdown, uh, lowdown for you.


”Creek”ers (l.-r.) Joshua Jackson, Holmes, James Van Der Beek, Michelle Williams

”Smackdown” crew (l.-r.) Chyna, Mankind, the Undertaker, and Austin
On ”Felicity,” Noel and Felicity spill their guts about love, love, love On ”WWF Smackdown,” the Rock and ”Stone Cold” Steve Austin try to spill other people’s guts — and blood, blood, blood
A wholesome herd gets fired up about God on ”7th Heaven” Hordes of nerds get fired up over Seven of Nine’s bod on ”Star Trek: Voyager”
On ”Roswell,” out-of-this-world teens break down emotional walls On ”I Dare You,” out-of-work stuntmen become human fireballs
On ”Angel,” a hunky vampire hustles to save the lives of the downtrodden On ”Shasta,” a funky midget (Verne Troyer) hustles to save punchlines that are rotten
Witchy sisters look trés chic while strutting their stuff on ”Charmed” Twitchy spies talk geek-speak while strutting around heavily armed (”Seven Days”)
On ”Dawson’s Creek,” Joey (Katie Holmes) is furious when her prized mural is defaced On ”Dilbert,” viewers are curious why none of the characters have a face