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She's the Mann

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If you just can’t get enough of Magnolia‘s one-woman Greek chorus, visit Internet music company MusicBlitz and download Aimee Mann’s ”Susan” (MP3, available at http://www.musicblitz.com), a track that will appear on the forthcoming Bachelor No. 2. Ah, those deceptively mellow vocals, those gently jangly riffs reminiscent of ”Strawberry Fields Forever” — and, of course, that edgy-for-pop subject matter: counseling a friend to exit an unhealthy relationship. Clearly a graduate of the Sarah McLachlan school of gynocentrism (as opposed to Tori Amos U.), Mann eschews graphic depictions of abuse for an equanimity that borders on Buddhism: ”I know he can’t come here to get me/And some day he will live to regret me/Susan, I can see it now.” In other words, don’t expect a plague of frogs. A