EW Staff
January 25, 2000 AT 05:00 AM EST

When the conjoined twin brothers Francis and Blake Falls fall for a sad tomato of a call girl (Michele Hicks, looking like Mrs. Marsellus Wallace and behaving like Mary Magdalene) in Twin Falls Idaho, a delicate mess of pathos follows. This first feature was created by its (nonconjoined) twin leading men with an obsessive thematic binarism — references to $2 bills, ”A Tale of Two Cities” — that is too, too cloying, but the raw force of their identity parable doubles your pleasure.

Reel Goodies The bros serenade their love with a duet, accompanying themselves on one guitar. The Last Detail Is Lesley Ann Warren the new indie queen? She appears here (uncredited) and also in last year’s ”The Limey.” B+ Troy Patterson

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