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New Face: Emily Mortimer

A look at new actress Emily Mortimer

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AGE 28 YOU’VE SEEN HER BEFORE As Noah’s daughter-in-law in the NBC miniseries Noah’s Ark, and as the ”perfect girl” unable to seduce Hugh Grant in Notting Hill. COMING SOON Scream 3 (as the actress portraying Neve Campbell’s Sidney in Stab 3), Love’s Labour’s Lost (playing Alicia Silverstone’s seductive handmaiden), and The Kid (she’s Bruce Willis’ wife). FUN FACT For her role in Scream, Mortimer had ”these things put in my bra so they might be half as good as Neve’s. I can’t wait to tell my grandchildren what it was like running around Hollywood mansions screaming with these huge bosoms.” FAVORITE MOVIES The Philadelphia Story and On the Waterfront. WHERE SHE CELEBRATED THE MILLENNIUM At dinner with her parents and her boyfriend, actor Alessandro Nivola (whom she met on Love’s Labour’s Lost), in Gloucestershire, England, ”definitely not jumping and swinging from chandeliers.” THIS YEAR’S RESOLUTION ”I used to suffer from a typical middle-class-English-girl sense of not being able to admit being ambitious,” says Mortimer. ”Now my need to find out about life has superseded my need to hide my true colors.”