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Readers write in about Ricky Martin, “The Blair Witch Project” and more the week of Jan. 21, 2000

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What a Year-End Issue (#518/519, Dec. 24/31)! Readers rejoiced, recoiled, and demanded a recount. Darla Snellen from Jefferson City, Mo., couldn’t have been happier with our Entertainer of the Year, Ricky Martin. ”He does it for me…entirely,” she said. ”He is so energizing, magnetic, and hot!” Though not everyone was as thrilled. ”Is your magazine run by 14-year-old girls?” cried Travis Richardson of Monticello, Maine. ”I guess it could have been worse,” said Jeff Robson of Winnipeg. ”You could have picked Pokémon as Entertainer of the Year.” At least critic Ken Tucker fared better. His picks made a fan of Beata Loyfman of Staten Island, N.Y.: ”You are my god! Well, you and Madonna, but you’re right up there.” Take that, Ricky!


Your choice of Ricky Martin for Entertainer of the Year was excellent. With his remarkable talent, good looks, charisma, and a fantastic wardrobe, he is a complete, perfect package. Nobody can do what he does. He has no competition. (I am a fan, but not a teenager. I am 64 years old.) DANI BRYERS Bronx, N.Y.

To be included in EW’s Entertainers list, shouldn’t you at least be, oh I don’t know, entertaining? To include the Blair Witch crew in your list is ludicrous. The Blair Witch Project is competing with The Phantom Menace for worst movie of the year. Entertaining it was not. Three jerks lost in the woods. Who cares? MERLE BALKE Kentwood, Mich.

I agreed with most of your Best and Worst; I thought Dogma and The Blair Witch Project were good, and I was bored with Wild Wild West. But Entertainer of the Year Ricky Martin! For what? What about Susan Sarandon or Julia Roberts each with two great films this year? What about David E. Kelley for Ally, Snoops, Ally McBeal, and The Practice? Lisa Kudrow was as funny as ever in Friends and Analyze This. If you insist on a pop-music icon, why not Britney Spears? CEDRIC JOHNSON cmj360@hotmail.com Bellingham, Wash.

At least you got something right by naming Errol Morris’ Mr. Death one of the 10 best films of the year. But in sheer mean-spiritedness, you pounce on Susan Lucci, who’s played the same character on All My Children for 30 years. C’mon, can you name any other actor that has played the same role with as much heart and soul as La Lucci has? Lighten up, and give soaps a break! DAVID KIMBALL Denver


I would like to thank David Browne for finally acknowledging Robbie Williams and giving him the credit he deserves. The Ego Has Landed is a brilliant album. Browne is right in saying that this British bad boy was the best of 1999. MEAGHAN TURNER Yonkers, N.Y.

Chris Willman’s placement of Fountains of Wayne’s Utopia Parkway atop his ’99 top 10 could not be closer to a bull’s-eye. In a year of uneven performances by the veterans and processed cheese from phenoms, this album captures all the elements of young adult existence that fall somewhere between Woodstock’s raging fires and the mobs outside MTV’s Total Request Live. And David Browne, as an adult male, I too am not afraid to admit that ”I want it that way.” PETER GASTON pgaston@yahoo.com Philadelphia


Please, people, listen to the almighty Ken Tucker. Sports Night is one of the best shows on TV. Every commercial breaks my heart. America, wake up before you miss out! STEVE SUTER Bellville, Ohio

Kudos to Ken Tucker. Once again he named The X-Files one of the best shows of the year. I’m glad he recognizes how good the seventh season is turning out. ERIC JOST FMDSXF1984@aol.com Leawood, Kan.


Although extremely flattered to have been highlighted by your magazine for my contributions toward South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, I’m afraid that the text accompanying the photo of Matt Stone, Trey Parker, and myself was wildly misleading. Your article unfortunately implies that I wrote the songs for South Park. In fact, I co-wrote the songs for South Park with Trey — he was Dr. Frankenstein, I was merely his Igor. I am a huge egotist, so if anyone at EW had simply called me, I would have given hundreds of examples of my actual contributions to film. And so, at the risk of seeming ungrateful, may I close with some South Parkian sentiments: What the f— are you unclef—ers doing up there? Get your c—s—ing s— together!! MARC SHAIMAN Los Angeles

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