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First Look 2000

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We have seen the future — in fact, we’ve snapped pictures of it. And while we didn’t find any flying cars, vacation resorts on the moon, or complete turkey dinners shrunk down to the size of an aspirin, we’ve discovered that the 21st century will be packed with plenty of way-cool entertainment. There’s John Woo in Australia directing Tom Cruise’s MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE sequel and Tom Hanks on a desert island making Robert Zemeckis’ CASTAWAY. We’ve learned about Julia Roberts’ little prank before she began shooting ERIN BROCKOVICH, what happened to Ashley Judd on the set of EYE OF THE BEHOLDER, and the inside story on FRIENDS’ new friend. And oh, yeah, we’ve also gotten an earful from k.d. lang, No Doubt, Eminem, and matchbox 20 on their upcoming CDs. So flip through these photo-packed pages and peer past the veil of time for a first look at what’s in store (and in stores) during the dawn of the third millennium. In other words