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EW Online readers pick their top movies of the year

See how hits like ”Big Daddy” and ”The Matrix” fared with the Web’s most informed film critics

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Adam Sandler
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Money isn’t everything: Last week EW Online looked at the 25 top grossing films of 1999, so now it’s time to examine our readers’ favorite movies of the year, as graded in our ongoing Critical Mass Movie Poll.

Judging by the final lineup (printed below from best to worst), EW readers are no pushovers: The highest grade given to any film is an A- (The Oscar-buzzed ”American Beauty” and ”The Sixth Sense” are two of the eight movies earning this high mark). And top grossers and top grades did not necessarily go together: ”Double Jeopardy,” the year’s No. 13 movie, got only a B-, as did 16th-place ”The General’s Daughter.” ”Wild Wild West” (No. 14) received a pitiable C-.

Here, then, are EW Online readers’ Critical Mass grades for 1999 movies, compared to the grades from the EW magazine critics, each film’s total box office gross, and its final box office ranking.

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MOVIE EW Readers Grade EW Critics Grade 1999 GROSS (IN MILLIONS) 1999 BOX OFFICE RANK
MOVIE EW Readers Grade EW Critics Grade 1999 GROSS (IN MILLIONS) 1999 BOX OFFICE RANK
American Beauty A- B+ $71.9 27
The Best Man A- C+ $33.8 57
Boys Don’t Cry A- A $2.7 Off chart
The Matrix A- C+ $171.4 5
Run Lola Run A- A $7.2 128
The Sixth Sense A- B+ $276.9 2
Tarzan A- A- $171.0 6
Toy Story 2 A- A $219.8 3
American Pie B+ B $102.6 17
Being John Malkovich B+ A $19.0 82
Dogma B+ A- $29.4 66
Election B+ A $14.9 93
Fight Club B+ D $36.7 52
Galaxy Quest B+ A- $38.5 48
The Green Mile B+ B $91.3 21
The Insider B+ B $26.3 72
Man on the Moon B+ A $30.2 64
Notting Hill B+ A- $116.1 12
Sleepy Hollow B+ B- $94.7 20
South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut B+ A- $52.0 44
Star Wars: Episode I B+ B- $430.7 1
The Talented Mr. Ripley B+ A- $54.2 39
Three Kings B+ B $59.8 35
Analyze This B A- $106.7 15
Anna and the King B C+ $30.9 62
Austin Powers 2 B B $205.4 4
Big Daddy B B- $163.5 7
The Bone Collector B B- $64.3 32
The Mummy B B- $155.3 8
Never Been Kissed B D $55.5 38
Runaway Bride B C+ $152.1 9
The Thomas Crown Affair B B+ $69.3 28
Varsity Blues B B $52.9 41
The World is Not Enough B C $120.9 11
Any Given Sunday B- B $59.2 36
The Blair Witch Project B- B $140.5 10
Deep Blue Sea B- B- $73.6 26
Double Jeopardy B- D+ $114.1 13
Entrapment B- C+ $87.7 22
Eyes Wide Shut B- C $55.7 37
The General’s Daughter B- C $102.7 16
Payback B- B- $81.5 25
Stuart Little B- B $95.3 19
Bicentennial Man C+ C- $47.2 46
End of Days C+ C+ $64.5 31
The Haunting C+ D $91.2 22
Inspector Gadget C+ C- $97.4 18
Pokémon: The First Movie C- C+ $84.3 24
Wild Wild West C- D+ $113.8 14