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Slash talks about being ''Rated X''

The fast-living guitarist remembers his days at San Fran’s premier porn palace

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Former Guns N’ Roses axman Slash has always been an X-rated kinda guy. So it’s no surprise to learn that he’s contributed some music to the upcoming Charlie Sheen/Emilio Estevez flick ”Rated X,” a biopic about Jim and Artie Mitchell, the millionaire San Francisco porn kings whose empire came to a dramatic end in 1991 when Jim shot Artie to death. The film, which is being screened at the Sundance Film Festival, will air on Showtime this year. ”Charlie called me up and asked me if I’d do some music,” Slash tells EW Online, ”and after I saw the movie, I said f—, yeah.”

Turns out the fast-living musician, who knocked out ”three or four jams” in an afternoon for the movie, has pleasant memories of the brothers and their notorious erotic emporium, the O’Farrell Theatre: ”I knew them from when Guns was first getting popular. We were in San Francisco [at the O’Farrell], and I got to know Artie really good. He was the guy who provided me with a gram of blow, a bottle of Jack Daniels, all the girls I could do, and the run of the whole place.” Never let it be said Slash doesn’t know how to return a favor.