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Coolest website picks of the Upright Citizens Brigade

On the eve of its live cybercast and new TV season, the sketch group tells what they like to surf

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The Upright Citizens Brigade

The Upright Citizens Brigade is kicking off its third season of outrageous sketch comedy on Comedy Central (Monday at 10:30 p.m.) with a cyberbang: Sunday night at 8:30, the Comedy Central site will feature a webcast of the quartet’s weekly live improv show, ”A.S.S.S.C.A.T.” (a meaningless acronym invented during a particularly nonsensical performance some years back), held at the UCB’s own New York City theater and followed by an online chat at 9:00 hosted by ”Late Night With Conan O’Brien”’s Andy Richter.

Since the UCB is now embracing the Web as a conduit for comic anarchy, EW Online thought it was a good time to check in with the four members to find out what they’re looking at online. (Other than their own site, that is.)

Matt Walsh The Hollywood Stock Exchange When I first signed up, I tried to do it without any taste, and I went against what I like. I bought Robin Williams and Sandra Bullock [bonds], thinking, ”Who would be the worst people that usually make money in their movies?” I bought them out of reverse psychology. But I screwed up [and I lost]. [He pauses] I’m never gonna be friends with those two people.

Matt Besser WuName! It’s a site where you put your own name in, and it gives you your Wu-Tang Clan name. Mine is Ultrachronic Monsta. And I am an ultrachronic monsta, so it works. Nobody refers to me as it yet, but I insist on it, and I’m sure they will in the future.

Ian Roberts I do very little Internetting, but my wife reads me comedy newsgroups that we’re mentioned on, like the ”Conan O’Brien” newsgroup, alt.fan.conan-obrien. (The foursome often appear in sketches on the show.) Some guy used to go on and post these inflammatory things as ”Randy Boudreau, American Hero,” and he would just lambaste anyone who had the slightest disagreement with him about the UCB being the best sketch group in history. He would write, ”You would have to be an idiot, a brain-dead fool, to disagree! There is no disputing!” I told someone, ”There’s this rampant fan, and he’s the most obnoxious guy in the world!” It turned out it was a guy we know who just loves to come on with really strong opinions to infuriate people.

Amy Poehler The Death Test You answer all of these questions and it tells you the day and year you’re going to die. It does go between health questions and silly questions to remind you that you probably won’t die EXACTLY on that day.

I also love looking at random home pages. I once saw somebody’s that had a series of pictures of their baby, but I was concerned because the baby was always in these dangerous places. It would be on a really high, wobbly chair, or really close to a fire, and there was one where a giant dog was hovering over it. The problem with being online is you can’t understand if these things are sarcastic or not.