Mike D'Angelo
January 07, 2000 AT 05:00 AM EST

What’s the point of casting the dynamic Michelle Yeoh (Tomorrow Never Dies) as an action heroine if you’re not gonna let her kick Hong Kong-style butt? Here, she’s trapped in a dorky romantic subplot peppered among the infrequent martial arts set pieces, and not once is she permitted to do anything half as cool as her motorcycle leap onto a moving train in the first Supercop. If we want to see an actress sigh wistfully, we’ve got plenty of Meg Ryan flicks to choose from. Reel Goodies (0:51) Jackie Chan, the original Supercop, turns up in a drag-queen cameo that’s somehow both painful to watch and utterly mesmerizing. The Last Detail This film is also known as Once a Cop, Project S, and, hilariously, Police Story 3 Part 2. C-

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