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The Best TV Series You'll Probably Never See

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The Best TV Series You’ll Probably Never See

Queer As Folk

Had any U.S. network had the guts to air it, Queer as Folk would be at No. 2 on my top 10 list. But the fact that this ribald, witty, unexpectedly moving British miniseries featured, in its first hour, a rakish antihero (the roguishly beguiling Aidan Gillen) having sex with a 15-year-old boy was enough to consign it to gay film festivals and bootlegged Internet video sales over here. Created by Russell T. Davies, Folk is a tale of gay men’s lives in all their complexity—sex being just one aspect explored. Joel Schumacher is planning a version for Showtime with the youngest character upped to legal age, but excuse me if I doubt that anyone could ever improve upon the original.