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The lowdown on the ''Charlie's Angels'' remake

Costar Sam Rockwell says the female sleuths will have beauty, brains, but no guns

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Drew Barrymore
Eric Robert/Corbis Sygma

There are high-concept movie ideas, then there’s ”Charlie’s Angels.” ”It’s basically about three badass bitches who fight evil,” says Sam Rockwell, who will play Drew Barrymore’s less-than-angelic boyfriend in the movie remake of the jiggle-heavy ’70s TV series that made superstars out of Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson, and Jaclyn Smith. The update, now in preproduction and expected to open this time next year, will also star ”Ally McBeal”’s Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz, who was reportedly paid $12 million for her role.

John Forsythe has been mentioned for a reprise of his role as Charlie, the beautiful detectives’ reclusive boss, whose gravelly voice practically started the speaker-phone craze. And the movie is the feature directorial debut of music video whiz McG (Smashmouth, Sugar Ray). But don’t expect the filmmakers to rehash the past. Rockwell says the new trio will have their own fresh, millennial style. ”These are not the same Angels from the ’70s,” he boasts. ”First of all, these Angels don’t have any guns. And also, they’re supersmart.” Hey, don’t kick our butt, Kate — he said it.