Mike D'Angelo
November 23, 1999 AT 05:00 AM EST

You know a movie has failed miserably when you find yourself muttering such faint praise as ”Wow, that was some really excellent… art direction!” In The Haunting, former cinematographer Jan De Bont has transformed Shirley Jackson’s elegant, unnerving psychodrama ”The Haunting of Hill House” (previously made in 1963 — go rent THAT) into a laborious paean to outlandish interior decoration.

Reel Goodies Fans of indie queen Lili Taylor may enjoy watching her vaguely pained expression as she gamely attempts to react to a murderous four-poster bed. The Last Detail ”The Haunting ” cost approximately 2,400 times as much as ”The Blair Witch Project,” yet wound up grossing about $50 million less when the two fright flicks were released a week apart last summer.

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