Jim Mullen
November 19, 1999 AT 05:00 AM EST

1 Pokemon: The First Movie Seppuku: The Antidote.

2 Jerry Seinfeld The soon-to-be ex-bachelor found a perfect romantic spot to pick up a woman. On her honeymoon.

3 Microsoft They think the judge will change his mind—if he ever wants his computer to reboot.

4 Richard Gere People magazine has named him the sexiest man alive. Or was it the AARP magazine?

5 Danny Glover He says New York cab drivers won’t pick him up because he’s black. Or maybe they saw Lethal Weapon 4.

6 No-Smoking Land Disney is putting tight restrictions on smoking in its theme parks. But they’re hoping most 15- and 16-year-olds will still want to come.

7 Y2K Television paints a worst-case scenario for the new millennium: blackouts, fires, looting, gunshots, and giant traffic jams. Sounds just like Detroit.

8 Light It Up Students take over a school to make it, like, you know, better?

9 Dennis Rodman/Carmen Elektra The couple was arrested for causing a scene in Miami Beach. She wanted her wedding nose ring back.

10 Come On, Get Happy The Partridge Family story. How did PBS let this one slip through its fingers?

11 Aftershock: Earthquake in New York There’s only one natural disaster that could destroy more buildings. If Donald Trump’s ego bursts.

12 RKO 281 The behind-the-scenes battles to make Citizen Kane. The companion movie to TBS 153, about the fight to colorize Citizen Kane.

13 Miss Bosnia She relinquished her title after nude pictures of her surfaced, because pageant organizers didn’t want to make Bosnia look bad. Like four years of ethnic cleansing didn’t.

14 Anywhere But Here Natalie Portman is embarrassed to be seen with her mother, Susan Sarandon. You can see this every day at the Gap for free.

15 Gary Coleman The 31-year-old ex-security guard says he’s a virgin. Aren’t they all?

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