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CBS forces ''Dogma'' to change its ad slogan

Plus, Eminem, Drew Barrymore, Chris Rock, Robert Duvall, Matt Drudge, and more

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Jon Pozzuto/LFI

AD TROUBLE After receiving a cease-and-desist letter from CBS, Lions Gate Films is taking the slogan ”Get Touched by an Angel” off its posters for ”Dogma.” CBS didn’t find the reference to its hit show funny at all, and wrote that the network had ”received numerous calls from people confused about the connection between our family-oriented television series and your irreverent movie that apparently belittles every religious tenet embraced by our show.” Hint to Lions Gate: Don’t even think of changing it to ”Everybody Loves the Antichrist”…. The National Football League has pulled a series of ads they produced playing off the Eminem song ”My Name Is” after they realized tardily that the source tune was filled with nasty language and sexual references. The League had produced a series of TV spots that turned the song into ”My Name is Joe,” which highlighed such football ”Joe” greats as Namath, Montana, Green, and Gibbs. Once the NFL realized that Eminem’s original song didn’t exactly reflect the image they wanted to project for the league, it yanked the spots a week early, but was also careful to tell MTV News that it had received no complaints from viewers. Does this mean Ol’ Dirty Bastard won’t be writing the new theme to ”Monday Night Football”?

MEMORIES… ON SALE NOW! Moms: Always there to feed you, clothe you, and then sell all your belongings once you’re famous. Drew Barrymore‘s mother Jaid — who describes her relationship with her daughter as ”a bit estranged” — has put a collection of Drew’s baby clothes and movie memorabilia up for auction on the website gavelnet.com. One item, the red cowboy hat Drew wore in ”ET,” has already reached a bid of $45,900. Drew’s mom told the Associated Press that she’s auctioning the precious items (including a bonnet, Drew’s scrapbook, and a Christmas card sent from Jack Nicholson) because ”Drew is such a special, amazing, magical person. I decided to put some of her things up on the website to allow people to be a part of Drew’s life.” In other words, ”Ka-CHING!”

OUT THE DOOR? The next time Matt Drudge doesn’t appear on his show, it might not be by his choice. The Hollywood Reporter says sources maintain Fox News Channel will fire him by the end of the week for his high-profile walkout from his own show last Saturday night. (He was enraged when the network wouldn’t allow him to show a picture of a fetus’ arm emerging from the womb as part of an abortion discussion.) Variety reports that Fox sent Drudge’s lawyer a letter strongly reminding him that the network has full editorial control over the Drudge show and that the Internet scoop-monger’s contract forbids him to criticize the network publicly, which he did earlier this week in the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times. (Apparently this made an impression: Drudge had no comment about this letter.) Fox News president Roger Ailes told the Hollywood Reporter that ”this issue will be resolved one way or the other by Friday.”

REEL DEALS ”American Pie” directors Chris and Paul Weitz will direct Chris Rock in ”I Was Made to Love Her,” a remake of ”Heaven Can Wait” (itself a remake). However, instead of playing a football player, Rock plays a comedian killed too early who is sent back to Earth to inhabit a different body…. Director Tony Scott (”Crimson Tide”) will make ”Taking Lives,” the tale of a serial killer who appropriates the identities of his victims.

CASTING Robert Duvall will play one of the scientists who clones Arnold Schwarzenegger without his knowledge in the action film ”The Sixth Day”…. Téa Leoni is back to work after having a baby with David Duchovny last April: She’ll costar in the romantic comedy ”Family Man,” in which Nicolas Cage plays a workaholic who imagines what life would have been like if he had married his high school sweetheart (Leoni).

CHANGE OF MANAGEMENT Three months after the death of Blues Traveler‘s bassist Bobby Sheehan, the band continues to be in flux: Longtime manager Dave Frey has resigned, according to the Hollywood Reporter. ”My time with Blues Traveler has run its course,” said Frey, who helped John Popper form the H.O.R.D.E. Tour. ”Our parting is totally amicable, and I will do everything in my power to make their transition to another management company an easy one.”

OBITUARIES Mary Kay Bergman, who provided the female voices for ”South Park” was found dead of an apparent suicide Thursday at the age of 38, according to MTV News. She had also done voice-over work for such films as ”The Phantom Menace” and ”The Iron Giant”…. Super-agentJay Moloney, 35, whose early rise to the top was marked by recurrent drug troubles, was found in his Hollywood Hills home dead of a suicide by hanging Tuesday morning, according to Variety. As a young agent in the early ’90s, Moloney handled such major talents as Martin Scorsese, Bill Murray, Steven Spielberg, David Letterman, Uma Thurman, and Tim Burton. He was one of the Young Turks who took over the agency when Mike Ovitz left in 1995. His drug problems were well known, however, and he resigned from CAA in 1996 after repeated failed trips to rehab. In April of this year he was named president of a new multimedia company, Paradise Music & Entertainment, but took a leave of absence a few months later. Just yesterday the New York Post ran an item about Moloney relapsing again. In a statement, Mike Ovitz said, ”He was an incredibly talented man with a kind and gentle soul; unfortunately, his personal struggles were too great to overcome.”