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The End of the Affair

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Ralph Fiennes, Julianne Moore, ...
David Appleby

The End of the Affair

Current Status:
In Season
102 minutes
Ralph Fiennes, Julianne Moore
Neil Jordan
Columbia Pictures
Neil Jordan
War, Romance, Historical, Drama

We gave it a B

A woman (played by Moore) is cheating on her husband (Rea) during World War II. When her lover (Fiennes) is injured during the London blitz, she makes a deal with God: If her lover lives, she will leave him — but her promise turns out to be more difficult than she had anticipated.

Director Jordan (”Interview With the Vampire,” ”The Crying Game”), however, has a promise he can keep: This ”Affair” is based on the mystical romanticism of the 1951 Graham Greene novel and is definitely not a remake of the silly 1955 movie adaptation that starred Deborah Kerr, Van Johnson, and Peter Cushing. ”When I asked Columbia to do the book, I didn’t even know that there was already a movie,” says Jordan. ”Then I saw the original, which was one of those pedantic stories that Hollywood did to avoid [dealing with] the erotic aspects of the book because it was the 1950s. It has nothing to do with the movie I wanted to make.”

Moore apparently approved of Jordan’s vision: ”I begged Neil to cast me in this movie,” says the actress. ”I’d never read anything like it. Beautiful, beautiful.” BUZZ FACTOR: 4

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